Fearless and Loyal

Ben, taken about 1988-89

“German shepherds are very dedicated dogs, extremely loyal to their owners, and completely fearless when it comes to protecting their loved ones.”

We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

Ulysses by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Glory Glory Hallelujah!

Unexpectedly the UK government announced relaxation to travel restrictions over Christmas. Its not long, just 5 days but I bought reserved tickets for the train to travel to see my friend anyway. They say tickets are limited due to social distancing and I already have one reserved and yet I still expect many people to turn up and barge their way onto my train regardless as they are desperate. They have no concept of what desperate truly is. I may not have that long yet and I smell the whispers of eternity not far behind me. I may take an axe with me.

A long cold lonely winter?

Yes, I’ve just seen Boris’s latest news conference on the virus. Good news, there may be some vaccine on the way. Bad news, It will take so long to implement it will be next Christmas before you can visit anyone (if we are lucky!)and the lockdown continues until at least Easter or may even get worse depending on where you live. Oh and dont forget the billions of pounds spent on borrowing that will take over a decade to pay back meaning cut backs and austerity for years much worse than the 2008 financial crisis which we were only just coming out of. Shit, I have a sudden urge to drink heavily again.

And the bells were ringing out

So happy Christmas
I love you baby
I can see a better time
When all our dreams come true

The Christmas lights were tuned on this week discretely, almost without anyone noticing. Usually they have a whole day or evening of entertainment and thousands of people line the streets. They sometimes even have a minor celebrity to flick the switch. But not this year of course. In fact Boris could be the first ruler to cancel Christmas celebrations in England since Oliver Cromwell. It depends what tiers we will go back into. However if the shops dont re-open again on December 2nd they may as well turn the lights off again as many of them will close down for good.

Weekly Walk

It’s hard to dance
With the devil on your back.

Quite a good Thursday afternoon watching deer. Busy again with the lockdown and even when this finishes we may go back into a tier system which could be even worse, well the sun was shining briefly. The little things matter more but still only last for a short time and dont really make up for so many other things and dont change my life or condition my brain to be hyper positive. They are merely stop gaps to fill in time and hold back the never ending gulfs of sorrow and depression.

I am starting to dread the coming Christmas week and how I will cope without rum and more rum after the last three Christmas’s spent away. There will be many more people alone and miserable this year because of lockdown but that is of course no comfort. if I am not to see my one and only friend until next Christmas after 23 months of near total isolation then it becomes hard to carry on and I see why so many other people in similar or worse circumstances give up.

There are some absolutely wonderful houses around here where the rich people live. If I win the euro lottery tonight I may think of buying one although the Peak district is far more likely. I like the idea of living near woods and wilderness but as I dont drive I would still need a transport network nearby and alcohol shop.

99.4% recovery rate!

A Cacophony of Crows

The crows on the local cemetery are far more numerous than the country park. I dont think a packet of biscuits will satisfy them for long so may visit them in winter with roadkill or dead bodies. Someone should warn them about bird flu and to do some social distancing.

I also went to the city park and town. The sun actually came out for 2.3 seconds. Every week for the last month there is only one day of sunnyish weather and 6 days of cloud so photography becomes a lottery especially as the met office are about as accurate as a one eyed darts player who has been blindfolded and his arms bound so he has to throw with his tongue. He would still be more accurate. The Christmas lights have started to be turned on which is a waste of money as all the shops are closed until December and even then we may go back in a tier system or stay in full lockdown anyway.

Still mustn’t grumble. I may be able to visit my one friend in only ANOTHER 12 months time after a 23 months of speaking to myself in cemeteries. If I can get a vaccine and travel documents first of course. I am expecting a giant statue of Boris Johnson or Merkel to also be put in every city centre which we must salute every time we pass. Of course we have to go back into the EU first which with Biden the elder in change of america should take a couple of weeks to arrange at most. After all Boris really is one of them too.

Meanwhile, a fake picture, a coincidence or more evidence of a worldwide agenda to brainwash the population and take the world on the same globalist direction similar to George Orwell’s 1984. Hide behind left wing parties claiming to be tolerant, kind and for the people when in fact they offer a future of near total control and little choice. Generations of students emerge each year having been indoctrinated to think exactly the same on almost all matters at University and that they are morally superior while acting more like the Hitler youth to bully people to stay silent or obey. Eerily a situation which would offer such circumstances for them to take control would be an alien invasion, (shhh you lunatic!) or worldwide pandemic and was spoken about years ago. David Icke may yet prove to be the new messiah. Cheese.


I love cathedrals. (religion aside if that’s even possible considering why they were built). To me they are like art galleries and works of art themselves whether its the skilled masons who built them and hand chiseled the amazing features like gargoyles and grotesques to all the other craftsmen such as carpenters who built the rooves and many support columns inside and glaziers who made the stained glass windows. Then there is a vast array of art treasures inside the buildings combined with hundreds of years of history and the many thousands of people who have been inside them over the centuries often praying for help during times of uncertainty and fear(nothing like nowadays of course!) They are also good to sit inside, get some peace from the outside world and contemplate life.

I have been to about 20 in england. There are many more on my list which unfortunately I am unlikely to ever visit now including Winchester, Exeter and Norwich although I would love to see them one day. My favourite and one of the biggest is Lincoln partly due to the wonderful old town including castle that still exists. It’s the first one I ever went in and I certainly felt some aspect of spirituality touch me for the first time in my life as I sat in a private chapel.

Ely is also a favourite. Its surrounded by a small peaceful town and surrounding fens which take you back in time but also due to the unique wooden lantern inside the main tower which you can go up to and look down upon the people inside.

I have been to Peterborough probably more than any due to my friend living there. Its front is magnificent and again all the church buildings surrounding it make it feel very peaceful and atmospheric, especially at Christmas. I think the original was burnt down by the Vikings.

I have only been briefly inside St Paul’s although it’s probably the most famous in England. This was mainly as it did not allow photography inside and also as it was in London was double the price of all other cathedrals. In fact I remember a couple of American tourists coming out saying they were not paying that much! So it’s not just me being cheap. I also remember a famous inspirational picture of it in the blitz as the smoke of burning buildings rose all around it

Other favourites include(clockwise) Worcester, Wells, Lichfield, Salisbury, Coventry Old Cathedral Ruins and Durham. They all have a unique history and many more stories to tell.

Heart of Oak

Not so sunny again today(and met office wrong yet again!)so I went and fondled some old oak trees. I think this is my new favourite tree. I have not come across it before despite several thousand visits to the park over years. Shows how wandering around aimlessly is sometimes beneficial. It is in its last stage of life now and hollow inside but still sending branches into the air each year. I know how it feels. They say oaks spend a third of their life growing and the last third gradually dying. in the middle they just hang around. I would love to know its age and how long it has been here. I wonder if there are any trees here that were around when Lady Jane Grey who grew up here had her head cut off in 1554 by Bloody Mary.

There are a number of old oaks on the park. They should be treated as national treasures and are as important as any wildlife. My favourite area is a little copse full of such geriatric trees. It’s like a retirement home for them without the threat of getting covid, although maybe some nuisance kids setting fire to them is worse which has happened before to other trees here.

The crows were very active. I don’t know if its because of winter but they came much closer today. I have also befriend some on the local cemetery so I better buy more biscuits.

More trees, still some autumnal colours left.

And of course deer. The ruts over but this one still seemed to have about 30 females to himself. Most of the females will be pregnant and give birth next summer about May/June.

A Favourite View

Ladybower reservoir in the Peak District from Bamford Edge. I so wish I could be here again. Well maybe tomorrow morning. Its 10PM now so would be too dark. Yes. Maybe one day if they have vaccinations and give me my papers. ID, etc. I will be able to travel again to the next county in my own country due to a disease that many medical experts say is no more dangerous than normal flu.