If I was a student…….

I just watched The Secret Life of students on channel 4. I only watched because it was about students in Leicester where I live. Someone on SAUk just the other day was talking about their regrets and wish they had been a student, gone away to Uni and made great friends, lived the dream, etc. etc. I often think the same after having a mental breakdown after only 2 days at college and never going to Uni.

After watching that program student life now appears worse than ever for an outsider or someone not quite one of the crowd. The whole thing made it look as if its about getting laid and pissed all the time with just a few lessons to fill the other hours left in the day. I know students have always had the reputation for nothing but drinking and shagging but now they have facebook and mobile phones they do little else but gossip to each other online.

One young bloke came across as a total tosser, arrogant obnoxious yet of course having huge quantities of confidence still got him plenty of friends, sex,oh and chlamydia (what a shame!) the history girl by contrast was totally  out of her depth although thankfully she seemed to be coping better after a few weeks. They almost mocked her for only having 400 friends on facebook!

Feck me, for someone without much confidence the whole place and atmosphere looked hideous. Groups of young people going around drinking and trying t get f**ked every night. Its pretty obvious at 18 that I would have been shut in my room all the time and never have left. Feel the fear and doing it anyway in these circumstances does not always help. In fact I think going  away to a Uni like this place would have made me a gibbering wreck and almost suicidal. You really have to see a painfully shy person in the flesh to see how debilitating it is and how it wrecks much of their life. You also see the contempt and dislike normal young people show to them and how they are ostracised and not even allowed to join a group or gang so made to stay alone even when they do try and occasionally join in.


If you are different in a negative way such as mental illness people dont want t know you. Stop pretending its all the shy persons fault for never joining in. If you try when you are considered weird then people dont want to know you.


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