Ignorance and the gift of the gab

Hold on, you have gambled with your life
And you face the night alone
While the builders of the cages
They sleep with bullets, bars and stone
They do not see your road to freedom
That you build with flesh and bone.

Peter Gabriel – Wallflower

A girl at work once asked me what music I liked and when I replied Peter Gabriel, one of the greatest , most innovative and respected musicians of the last 30 years she looked at me like I had said Estonian flute music.Ignorance,its great isn’t it?The assumption that everyone must like what you like and hate what you hate, common among stupid people. Well I did work in a warehouse with a lot of thickies. It was of course the same with sport. Liking cricket despite being one of the major sports of the world and living in England where cricket was invented and having a county team at Leicestershire it was still akin to a fully grown man saying he liked knitting where I worked. Everyone must like football because the thick ignorant working class man likes football. No compromise or you’re Not one of us!

People also thought I was stupid because I was so quiet. I was actually in the top 10% of my year at school and could have easily gone to University. When I was eventually put into an office job my maths and English were way better than almost everyone else in the office as I was in set 1 Maths and English at school. I could have done almost any office job in the company from an intelligence point of view but my mind numbingly bad social anxiety stopped me in the most important area of office life,social skills and gift of the gab. Yet many of these office people thought I was thick. Again its common ignorance to assume quiet people are stupid whereas I knew how stupid many of the people I worked with were as they proved it so often by speaking bollocks. I was most astounded at the office politics though with the greatest arse lickers and crawlers being promoted by my manager. It reminds me greatly of watching the Tv program monkey world where the other chimps grovel around the alpha male in order to get a better life. Humans and chimps, not much difference really although people are probably far more judgmental and less forgiving than chimps. My manager eventually proved himself to be the backstabbing scum he always was when they made us redundant and he didn’t give a F**k as his job was secure. He was also f**king a girl who was probably over 20 years younger than him and had worked in his office previously. What a wanker and showed the morals he really had. Mind you he did have the gift of the gab. What else do you need?


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