Man Up, Man Up and Play the Game!

I have just seen a TV show where a young guy tried to kiss a girl and was called a perv. They were friends and hugging but she obviously did not see him as more than a friend. Fair enough as why should a male just go kissing a girl without permission? Mind you I have also recently seen a TV show where the girl was saying why won’t he kiss me about a young male friend she knew, why wont he ask me out, why wont he make the first move?  What’s the difference? None!  The only difference could possibly be flirting behaviour as if you watch two people who like each other a lot it becomes obvious that they fancy each other as well so the guy gets signals to make his move( if he’s normal). However they have to get to quite a friendly stage before flirting even starts.

Now of course males with SA are socially inept, have no clue about body language and signals, etc.. But on the other hand they are constantly ridiculed by society for being single, for maybe even still being a virgin so they are constantly under pressure to chase girls. It’s hardly surprising then that they F**k up when they do try. If a girl smiles at him at work does it mean she is just friendly or that she fancies him. How the hell would he know yet he is still under this constant pressure to make the first move as everyone knows that girls never ask men out first, apart form in the movies.A teenage boy knows it’s going to be his job to approach a girl, chat the girl up, impress the girl with witty banter, ask the girl out, decide where to go, probably even pay as well or he will die alone.  being shy probably means he has not even got a support network of friends to back him up as most young males probably do when they go out.

Its hardly surprising then that chronically shy males are much more likely to be alone and even die virgins because no matter how much he improves unless he actually gets to the stage where he asks a female out first he will never get anywhere as females virtually never ask men out. Unemployed or alone older males are much more likely to commit suicide as a medical fact so no, it’s not really the same for both sexes Men are constantly ridiculed for not having the balls, guts bravery to approach women and then when they do, if they act strange due to shyness or if they are ugly they are called perverts, weirdos and freaks.

Yes, I know this train of thought no matter how obvious is unpopular as we are so brainwashed about equality( try telling evolution about equality!) yet the obvious truth is a male with an equal amount of shyness to a female is far more likely to be alone into adulthood, never have a relationship, suffer chronic depression and die earlier.


Author: klodo

I am male,English and have had social anxiety since I started school at 5 years of age. I like photography, walking, wildlife, history and moaning.........CONSTANTLY! Oh you must stop being so negative! Shut up! NOW WITH ADDED DEPRESSION!

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