Is happiness really a choice or are such phrases meaningless brainwashing?

I read a lot of self help  type blogs and forums. Who wouldn’t if you were as mental and miserable as me. Some people with books or things to sell will scour the internet for people(victims?) with mental health problems probably because they see you as desperate or vulnerable and try to entice you with their books or whatever as if they can change your life. The trouble is most of them are shit, really shit. They appear to have more in common with religious indoctrination and if you question them in any way start to get aggressive, defensive or do the usual thing of trying to blame you for not just believing them unconditionally.

There are many quotes and sayings of the positive mindset people. Learn to love yourself is still one I can’t get over as you may of had years of people hating you including family members which reinforce negative feelings towards yourself. They dont tell you how to love yourself, just do it because I say so!  Just be yourself is another meaningless cliche. Another one  I came across the other day is Happiness is a choice! as if you just choose to be miserable for fun.Upon closer inspection they have more great information such as this:

Being happy is not a matter of what you are, or what you do or what you have. Being happy is a choice you have to make consciously. Happiness is not a consequence of external factors, happiness is the lenses through which you can choose to experience reality.

Really? So happiness has nothing to do with external factors? Are the starving of Africa just choosing to be miserable then? people dying of cancer and diseases, people with mental health problems, people with shitty family members, suffering physical abuse, getting sexially moslested, the grieving? Should people in the concentration camps been singing and dancing their way to the gas chambers? Alot of such advice appear to be trying to make you take personal responsibility but that surely only adds guilt to those who had bad things happen to them and have felt guilt for years. Many people would like to be happy but their mind won’t let them because of past events or they cant now because of current events. No its not a choice you dumb f**k.

if you can brainwash someone to be happy and change their life for the better then perhaps thats a good thing but its still brainwashing. Just like religion. Something they have in common is that they both use guilt and lies to manipulate people.


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