All the Lonely People

Oh dear, I keep seeing videos of people suffering SA on youtube and they say they feel so alone, terrible, even suicidal. I feel very sorry for them but most of them are in their twenties and I am over 40. First I feel ashamed as if I am not supposed to still have anxiety at this age as if I should have grown out of it. Secondly I feel bad that if anyone young reads any of my crap they will feel even worse as if they fear that they might still have it when they are much older like me and that they never recover. Thirdly it makes me feel even more like dying. Maybe I should pretend I just have depression from now on as it seems its much more acceptable for the over 40’s. Life is shit for so many people isn’t it? Even in the western world where we are supposed to be so rich and happy and have so many opportunities.


Author: klodo

I am male,English and have had social anxiety since I started school at 5 years of age. I like photography, walking, wildlife, history and moaning.........CONSTANTLY! Oh you must stop being so negative! Shut up! NOW WITH ADDED DEPRESSION!

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