Wallowing in Glorious Misery!

This is so true in many ways. When you are negative people online or in real life ignore you even more and this actually increases your negativity and feelings of paranoia, of being hated, disliked and makes you worse, even suicidal.  This means that when you are feeling at your worst there is no help .However,rather than have some deep spiritual meaning it’s nothing more than human instinct and survival of the fittest. You are faulty so people avoid  you as you are no use to them. Next they start to dislike you and even blame you for acting this way on purpose to justify hating and ignoring you.

I read once that  we evolved in small family groups where everyone knew each other as extended family so that when you were distraught or unhappy then everyone would be concerned and want to help as they knew and loved you and it was for the good of the group. Thats why we act this way, to get attention from people who cared about us However in the modern world where many people have no close family and no friends then no one really cares. Strangers on the internet of course have no connection to us whatsoever so  have no bond.  You have to have already formed online friendships and a network before you can express any negative emotions as then people will care. Forging that bond in the first place is somewhat harder if you are not normal.

If you read support forums and mental health blogs they almost try to bully and shame people to be positive. You are made to feel guilty for not being optimistic as if you are choosing to be this way or you are simply wallowing in self pity and this puts you off posting at all. This of course further isolates you. They often claim you should meet people but ignore that in real life too you almost have an obligation to tell jokes, to be social and happy and optimistic and if you are miserable in real life people will avoid you also and never want to see you again.Therefore people who are chronically in need of help are cut off from society and get even worse. The only advice always being if you feel that bad to get help from a doctor (and dont bother us again until you are more cheerful.)

I think at this stage internet forums and self help groups should be avoided at all costs as they will make you feel even worse and just magnify feelings of being alone. Anything is preferable to the feelings of hopelessness and fear and dread each day so a more spiritual even religious way of thinking may be of benefit. The advice for getting over social anxiety is of no use whatsoever as when depression starts to take over it overrides everything else making you too miserable to be accepted by strangers.  Almost all online social anxiety advice assumes that everyone with SA is identical and you are just a bit shy and will make a complete recovery by constantly pushing yourself. It totally ignores depression, lethargy, hopelessness and of course age as everyone on the internet who is shy is no older than 25 or so it seems.(certainly on youtube!)


Author: klodo

I am male,English and have had social anxiety since I started school at 5 years of age. I like photography, walking, wildlife, history and moaning.........CONSTANTLY! Oh you must stop being so negative! Shut up! NOW WITH ADDED DEPRESSION!

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