Hopelessly Lost in Hopelessness!

So I am watching yet another self help video for us mental folk and it’s about what to do if you feel hopeless. One of the first pieces of advice she says is is to write a list of things to look forward to! I feel hopeless because there is nothing to look forward to!  I hate these self help videos which offer pretty much useless and often irrelevant advice!

Eating and watching TV is pretty much all I do along with scouring the internet and going for the odd boring walk in the same places and shopping.  I have been long time unemployed and have no idea how to get a job which would be possible or non depressing or that I could do with chronic joint pain and I have also never had a relationship in my life and have no family or friends and never socialise. Why do you think I feel hopeless! Furthermore when my money runs out I may well be homeless and I am also not entitled to any benefits!

I now feel depressed again as its brought up all the reasons I feel hopeless. Its as bad as looking on facebook at people I used to know from work and seeing even the assholes are married with children and look happyish.I better go for a walk now and try not to get beaten up by yobbos.


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