Reality Check

“Marry me and have my babies!”

The thing is you see a movie where this guy spoke to a girl at a train station because he liked her just because she looked pretty and they ended up getting married and having kids and they are now both in their eighties with grandchildren and a life full of wonderful memories and experiences. All this because he spoke to her at a train station many years ago!  And of course you know full well if you try it yourself that pretty girl will just think you are a creepy weirdo and tell you to F**k off!

To the older lone man with anxiety you are racked with such thoughts for the rest of your life. You keep imagining a younger self who did this stuff and it all ended like a Hollywood movie. The if only moments. I even had some girls at work like me but I was far too shy to be able to chat them up but I have imagined what i should have said many times since. I can even see some of these girls on facebook now  with their normal( non shy) husbands and children to make me feel worse. It could have been me. Almost all the advice you ever see is that you must just force yourself to go out and to chat girls up or you will die a sad lonely virgin. There is never any cure to SA except keep going out and doing stuff and hope you get better. You are told time and time again that you have plenty of time left and you are bound to find someone in the end.  The shame is so great that being a 40+ year old virgin has even been made into a comedy so everyone can mock you even more. There must be many older male virgins who never speak about such things due to guilt and embarrassment. I wonder how many commit suicide or die sad and alone and nobody ever finds out why. If they do its probably all their own fault for not forcing themselves to go out more!


Author: klodo

I am male,English and have had social anxiety since I started school at 5 years of age. I like photography, walking, wildlife, history and moaning.........CONSTANTLY! Oh you must stop being so negative! Shut up! NOW WITH ADDED DEPRESSION!

4 thoughts on “Reality Check”

  1. I should do a comedy skit on this…man watches film of couple who meet at train station and live happily ever after, he then goes out to do same and gets slapped by the woman and arrested by the police. Ends with him muttering in back of police van: “This wasn’t in the script?!”

  2. Actually it reminds me of a guy I once knew at work who was very awkward and shy but only with girls. Some of the other men kept egging him on to ask this girl he liked out. Apparently he went for it but then got so nervous when he saw her in the car park he started acting strangely(?) which freaked the girl out so much she reported him to management for harassing her. He took it so bad he had a mental breakdown and left the company and even had to have psychiatric help!

  3. I am sure some girls do but I was just thinking today that girls are just as picky as men when choosing someone.Looks are just the first step. If a girl likes the look of you she lets you talk to her but then you still have to impress her with witty banter. I would have had more chance farting the national anthem of Albania, at least that would have shown I had a sense of humour!

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