You are not prey

If you are frightened, be silent, Whining is for prey. It attracts predators. And you are not prey.

I like this quote and think its relevant to humans. I saw it today in the book I’m currently reading.You see the time I got attacked and punched in the face by local yobs was when I was in a highly emotional state near the time of the death of my mother and considering suicide. I only went for a walk along the canal to clear my head. I must have looked funny or walked funny which made me a target. Not only did this happen but several other incidents of being shouted abuse at or near confrontations all around this time or when I was feeling bad. It makes me believe that humans have the urge to pick on the weak as do some animals. The certain type of stupid ignorant uneducated human male being far closer to our primate ancestor in instinct and without any cognitive ability to reason sometimes see any other human male who looks different or weak and they have an overwhelming urge to attack them or ridicule them. Usually this is only done when in a group to show authority and power to the other members of the group by the alpha male and to ensure victory as they outnumber them. It happens at school all the time with the weak being bullied and of course children are running much more on instinct without the knowledge to know any better yet.Stupid ignorant people never know any better and often act in this way all their lives.


Author: klodo

I am male,English and have had social anxiety since I started school at 5 years of age. I like photography, walking, wildlife, history and moaning.........CONSTANTLY! Oh you must stop being so negative! Shut up! NOW WITH ADDED DEPRESSION!

2 thoughts on “You are not prey”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that happened to you. 😦 Some people really are just awful. I also unfortunately had to deal with many of those “primitive males” (the ones who appear to completely lack empathy, and have the IQ of a ham sandwich). Like you said, I think they do what they do out of fear/ to look powerful to the rest of the group. I’ve found that underneath all that bravado, they are very insecure, and massive cowards.

  2. Thanks Gemma, I’ve had nothing happen for months now but when it does it really affects your confidence and made me jumpy for weeks. Unfortunately there does seem to be an increase in these gangs of young aggressive men walking around,often with those aggressive looking dogs as if it’s some sort of status symbol. Its hard to know which of them has the higher IQ!

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