Doing some stuff

An unusual weekend in that i went out to three events, one with my sister and 2 alone. She drives and so can get to places I can not although this sort of thing is once a year at best as our family are not very close.Its a bit like relationships between the USA and Russia. Just doing stuff and keeping busy is such a massive boost for the mood and to not having the long boring void of many hours to get through.This is a rarity though.

We went to a bird sanctuary for parrots and other rare breeds. I love many animals and it was good to be able to get so close to them.

On saturday afternoon it was the annual caribbean carnival. Although very busy its a good chance to get some photos of people without feeling too self conscious for a change.

On sunday morning it was the annual Hare Krishna festival called Rathayatra. Its very friendly and jolly event with people dancing and pulling a large cart like chariot around the city centre. Unfortunately I had a bit of an anxiety attack near the end and was glad to leave. You see doing this thing over and over again has only gotten me to a certain level of acceptance and I still dont feel comfortable. It’s been like this for years,never mind.


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