Wet Friday Afternoon Thinking

I’m bored and a bit drunk, yes I know its only 4.30 in the afternoon but us mental and depressed people will do anything to feel better and I’ve already watched a Nicholas Cage film for God’s sake! How much pain do you expect me to take?

Anyway lets look at the Oh so positive THREE POSITIVE THINGS FOR THE DAY! thread again off of that friendly anxiety forum I use. Saying positive things make you feel better(probably) so they came up with these examples. Unfortunately for me they may as well have been describing brain surgery for all the relevance it has in my everyday life! The examples of positive things to write each day were;

It could be:

  • Positive thoughts you had about yourself.            
  •   F**k me not had any of those in months!
  • Something that made you feel special or loved.  
  •    Special? Loved? I’ve not spoken to anyone in weeks!
  • Nice feelings that you had.  
  •    No, I’m struggling to stop getting suicidal thoughts again.
  • Something that made you smile or giggle.    
  •    Oh dear, today? I almost laughed at Nicholas Cage’s acting.
  • Something nice you did for someone else.
  •     I dont speak to anyone for weeks! Keep up dear!
  • Meeting someone new.    
  •     Crickey, are you stupid! I barely leave the house! The checkout girl at Tesco may be new but I avoid her incase she thinks I am a creepy weirdo.
  • A compliment that someone gave you.  
  •     Now you’re beginning to annoy me!
  • Something that made you feel brave.  
  •     I ate some out of date stuff in the fridge, Does that count?
  • Good events that happened in the day.  
  •     Do you think I work for Unicef?
  • Something that you achieved.  
  •     I got up before lunch! Go me!
  • Something that you tried or had a go at.
  •    Nothing much although I did have some of that weird chutney on a sandwich. It was crap.

All sorts of things like that.  Yes, all sorts of things like that, the positive stuff that depressed isolated people never do!so these things only work if you have already gotten to a certain level of being alive and are useless if you barely leave the house, are unemployed and have no friends.

And remember the idea is that you think of three of these things per day to motivate yourself and boost your ego when I can’t think of any in the last month or longer. It just shows how totally useless those positive affirmations are for people who are already depressed and sad and that things like this actually make you feel even worse as they highlight what a shit life you’ve got.



Author: klodo

I am male,English and have had social anxiety since I started school at 5 years of age. I like photography, walking, wildlife, history and moaning.........CONSTANTLY! Oh you must stop being so negative! Shut up! NOW WITH ADDED DEPRESSION!

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