Creepy weirdo or just shy?

There is a post on the anxiety forum talking about going to meets and one of them says she didn’t want to get stuck with someone creepy! Its a shyness forum FFS, half the men on there are probably weird and creepy! The very definition of creepy to many women is a shy and awkward male. Do you have to be over a certain age to be a creepy man do you think? If a 20 year old was very shy and awkward is that acceptable and then when he hits 40 he immediately becomes  a creep and a weirdo and starts listening to Radiohead songs! Maybe not as there are some young creepy weirdos as well, usually the sort that go on the rampage with guns in America. Also why are women never called creepy, only men? Is it due to men likely to be more violent or dangerous throughout history? Probably, there’s lots of strange stuff like this we take for granted and yet seldom speak about.

I just wonder how many females at work thought I was creepy weirdo because I didn’t put them at ease with witty banter and smiles.I wonder how many people would be happy to meet me from the forum if they knew I was over 40 despite constant references that age does not matter. You see I am just as afraid as coming across as a creepy weirdo just for being anxious and nervous as they are of meeting one. If I went to a meet and was stuck with one of those women who made no effort to speak whatsoever, made me feel extremely awkward and then slagged me off later for being quiet and strange it would make me feel much worse. Surely this would be even more likely at a meet for shy people as many females on there are much more nervous than normal. I worked with girls who weren’t even shy who never spoke and yet slagged me off for being quiet as if they expected men to do all the talking so how normal is this in real life?  Finally put “creepy weirdo” into google image search, its very funny! Perhaps they are all on anxiety forums pretending they look like Brad Pitt!


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