Bitter Sweet

I’m already beginning to get more stressed again day to day and missing being with my friend from last week.  My sleep is disrupted again and I often get up feeling like I have been hit around my head with a baseball bat. I had suspected it was something in my diet and had cut down on alcohol intake but still I wake early and find it impossible to get to sleep again.Then I come up with the idea that artificial sweeteners such as aspartame may be to blame. This is because I had started to drink lemonade(lots of lemonade!) in an effort to stop drinking alcohol and as I did not want to get fat I had chosen diet lemonade with sweeteners in it. It turns out there is a lot of online evidence that sweeteners with aspartame in them have numerous side effects including insomnia. It may be coincidence but I will leave it out and see if there is any change. It seems a little thing but sleep has an enormous effect upon my moods and mental health and changes in my diet may be beneficial. I wonder if anything may help with lethargy and depression.


Author: klodo

I am male,English and have had social anxiety since I started school at 5 years of age. I like photography, walking, wildlife, history and moaning.........CONSTANTLY! Oh you must stop being so negative! Shut up!

2 thoughts on “Bitter Sweet”

  1. I know that diet can affect everything for me, too. If you find out about anything that actually helps with depression, please be sure to let us know.
    I’m pretty sure that yeast and sugar are the root of all (my) evils, but…oh, I’m so addicted. 😛

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