Just Think Happy Thoughts(or not)

I particularly agree with this as so much advice for depression assumes you are having nothing more than a bad day and can cure it with a nice walk or watching a favourite Tv programme and similarly so much advice for chronic social anxiety assumes you can cure it by going out  for a coffee with total strangers who may have chronic anxiety themselves and make you feel even worse. Then when things dont work they blame you for not trying hard enough thus heaping even more guilt upon you and making you even more anxious!

I remember this happening at work where people would badger you to go out to events and then when you acted anxious they would get angry with you for not talking to girls, not making jokes, not talking enough, being nervous so you would actually stop going and become even more avoidant. This is the reality of being social anxiously for so many people and why just doing stuff does not always cure you.


2 thoughts on “Just Think Happy Thoughts(or not)

  1. Kim September 23, 2015 / 5:50 pm

    I have heard these types of comments from many people over the years. “Cheer up” “Look on the bright side” “Look for the positives” “Stop focusing on the bad things” “Think happy thoughts” I call it the Peter Pan mentality. People are ignorant. I don’t think you have to suffer from these invisible illnesses to understand that they ARE illness and cannot be treated by simply thinking happy thoughts.
    The greatest piece of ignorance I have been subjected to lately is, “Give your worries over to God.” I believe in God. I do. I also know that God is not a magic remedy for mental/social disorders. I have a sister-in-law who makes these sort of comments to me all the time. If I am having a very real issue such as a panic attack or severe anxiety, she throws God at me. It is not that simple and frankly I take her words as challenge of my faith. Surely I must not believe in God if I have anxiety. Ugh!

  2. klodo September 23, 2015 / 9:33 pm

    Thanks for replying.Oh, wouldn’t it be wonderful to just hand over all your problems over to God and then live happy! Actually it almost sounds like having a lobotomy! Perhaps God is here, I dont know. I want to believe and sometimes do but wonder if he/she can really help. I pray God gives me the courage/knowledge to change myself and maybe with the help of good people that I hope God sends my way.

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