Desperate Dan

I am interested in the concept of appearing too desperate. We as shy, socially anxious loners are repeatedly told to do something, ANYTHING! Make the first move, keep pushing yourself etc. Yet if we appear too desperate then people will reject us. Again the only reason I can attain from this is that desperate people are faulty, have something wrong with them and that in evolutionary terms are losers and to be avoided at all costs.  As mentioned previously in regards something I can’t remember at the moment this does not apply to people we already know or our families but is almost always in relation to potential partners or friends.

So how then to appear not desperate and yet constantly push yourself because in reality you are desperate. How to act cool when you are not cool but an awkward weirdo and a loner.  I heard on the radio this afternoon that in business that contacts and networking are highly important if not essential to success so social skills are just as important as intelligence or technical knowledge of a subject. If that’s the case perhaps they should teach social skills at school instead of Geography, History or French. None of which have been any use whatsoever to me in real life.


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