There are others worse off than you!(maybe)

Is this a valid statement or something you should never say to people with mental health problems? is it the same as telling people to snap out of it or is it trying to make you grateful for what you have?  I was thinking only the other day that this time 100 years ago both my granddads were in Europe fighting in World War One so perhaps things are not so bad. It was probably terrible. Yet they both survived , came home to England and had families. Things were much tougher a hundred years ago. God knows how happy they were with their lives by their end in reality. People in those days were just expected to get married and have children and thought of as very strange or gay if they did not at a time when gay people were hated. Of course loners and the unmarried singletons are still considered strange and ridiculed today.

So many motivational blogs tell you to count your blessings as if that will make you feel happier. The thing is you end up comparing yourselves to your friends and colleagues and they all ended up marrying, having kids and proper jobs(or it looks that way on Facebook) so its probably no more use comparing yourself to people 100 years ago than to to cavemen or other animals.


2 thoughts on “There are others worse off than you!(maybe)

  1. cam April 11, 2016 / 7:02 pm

    Different problems for different generations, but also, struggle is relative. You only really know what you’ve experienced. Western contemporary culture thrives on competition and comparison, but it’s also sort of pretty false. The only thing that makes sense to compare yourself to is yourself.

    I can’t remember who wrote this, but I once read that “comparison is never a compassionate practice.” Not towards others, and not towards yourself.

  2. klodo April 11, 2016 / 9:38 pm

    Having just watched a wildlife program on predators I think competition is based on evolution and being alive rather than western culture. Its all about survival of the fittest and mentally ill people are the weak.

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