Depression Traps, Truth and Reality

Trap #1: Social Withdrawal,Social withdrawal is the most common telltale sign of depression.

The Fix: Gradually counteract social withdrawal by reaching out to your friends and family. Make a list of the people in your life you want to reconnect with and start by scheduling an activity.

Reality: Oopps. I have Social anxiety. This means I only have one online friend who I only see about 4 times a year. Trying to interact online with other people results in total disaster through self help forums and even the comments I have encountered here which only reaffirms that people dislike me and they make me feel even guilty and ashamed for posting how I really feel. Conclusion. People demand you interact but they also demand you say the right words in the right sentences about the right subjects and of course that you are positive even though I talk about suicide and depression. They also want you to agree with them.


Trap #2: Rumination A major component of depression is rumination, which involves dwelling and brooding about themes like loss and failure that cause you to feel worse about yourself.

The Fix: Redirect your attention to a more absorbing activity, like a social engagement or reading a book.

Reality: True I do this all the time and end up feeling suicidal. Cant do any social activity. Reading a book is only a moderate help and only sometimes.



Trap #3: Self-Medicating With Alcohol Turning to alcohol or drugs to escape your woes is a pattern that can accompany depression, and it usually causes your depression to get worse.

The Fix: Talk to your doctor or therapist if you notice that your drinking habits are making you feel worse. Alcohol can interfere with antidepressants and anxiety medications.

Reality: Yes, very true. I drink almost every day. Feel far more anxious if I don’t. I don’t feel any better in the morning with less as my insomnia can be quite bad without it.



Trap #4: Skipping Exercise  If you’re the type of person who likes to go the gym regularly, dropping a series of workouts could signal that something’s amiss in your life. The same goes for passing on activities — such as swimming, yoga, or ballroom dancing — that you once enjoyed.

The Fix: Ilardi recommends finding someone you can trust to help you initiate exercise — a personal trainer, coach, or even a loved one.

Reality: I do some walking. No way I would feel comfortable in a gym alone couldn’t afford it and don’t know other people to do anything with. Walking sometimes helps but I live in a shit city with shit walks. Result, walking depresses me even more and have to avoid being mugged, attacked by local lowlife.



Trap #5: Seeking Sugar Highs  When you’re feeling down, you may find yourself craving sweets or junk food high in carbs and sugar.

The Fix: Avoid sugar highs and the inevitable post-sugar crash. It’s always wise to eat healthfully, but now more than ever, your mood can’t afford to take the hit.

Reality: I do this as well but when eating healthier have noticed no difference in my moods as my depression is not chemical but due to circumstances of long term unemployment and chronic anxiety.



Trap #6: Negative Thinking  When you’re depressed, you’re prone to negative thinking and talking yourself out of trying new things.

The Fix: Don’t get too attached to grim expectations. “You have more control over doing and not doing, than you have over what the result of actions will be,” Goulston says. “But there is a much greater chance that if you do, then those results will be positive.”

Reality: Oh dear. He’s obviously not taking age and other factors into account. I am already in my late 40’s and everything is an unmitigated disaster. Live alone, never dated, long term unemployed. No real life friends, chronic leg pain which all doctors dismissed as lies, don’t speak to people for weeks, ineligible for any benefits when money runs out. I think the person who said its never too late was a lying bastard.


Final Conclusion: Am I doing this wrong or is this just depressive and negative thinking. I get the feeling that some people offer advice and are amazed that i dont think it wonderful and openly embrace it or that I am so negative despite being a late forty something year old long term unemployed virgin with no friends and chronic leg pain. This is the genuine truth how I see it when I look at my problems and other peoples solutions as they are never relevant to me and totally ignore what total judgemental and cruel attitudes the majority of people in the real world have. if you think this is an overreaction then how many employers would hire me at my age after many years of unemployment and with mental health problems even if I could get through the interview?


One thought on “Depression Traps, Truth and Reality

  1. klodo September 23, 2016 / 7:24 pm

    Actually, almost all recovery methods and help looks absolutely useless to me at the moment. I was and am feeling very low and thinking how long I have left and what’s the most painless way of leaving if I have to. As I said it always amazes me that people seem to start to get even angry with me if I am reading your reply correctly as if I must blindly obey and suddenly be optimistic when I still see no way out short of hoping I get a miracle therapist from the beginning and even then I would have to be brainwashed enough to be positive about applying for work and lucky enough to get someone who would employ me with no references and a huge gap in employment. I have still seen absolutely nothing that gives me hope. The CBT sheets I was looking at just made me feel worse as I did not see any way of doing it at the moment. Perhaps other people are not so much being optimistic as delusional.

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