1. Hopelessness: “I’ll never get any better.” This thought frequently pops up in people’s minds. Know that it’s simply not true. Read success stories to generate hope. And remember, some day you will be one of those success stories.

Is it also OK to read about the people who become homeless or committed suicide first as it didn’t get better to sort of balance things out? Just demanding you will be a success although trying to generate hope and optimism is ultimately no different than believing in God or religion.How dare people demand I feel positive when they know me to be feeling suicidal and how dare they even think they have the right to get angry when I do not change my mood simply due to a stranger on the internet. If anything this shows how judgemental many people are and people claiming to offer help are often the most ignorant of all. They demand optimism and then become angry at negativity as if its a choice. Does this mean that all depressed people are just choosing to be miserable and need a damn good talking to and they will just snap out of it?

In fact everything got much worse for me and I am well past 40 so its hardly surprising I dont think it will suddenly get any better. Everything is much harder with age as people are mind numbingly judgemental but pretend they are not as it makes them feel better about themselves. Most things I tried failed so it increased my anxiety and yet we are constantly told that doing stuff is the way out of anxiety. No, doing stuff that works is the key to recovery from anxiety. Doing stuff that fails makes the anxiety worse.Now that I have seen so many bad stories about the NHS and treatment of mental health even that small window of hope is diminishing. The deeper I go the darker it gets.


Author: klodo

I am male,English and have had social anxiety since I started school at 5 years of age. I like photography, walking, wildlife, history and moaning.........CONSTANTLY! Oh you must stop being so negative! Shut up! NOW WITH ADDED DEPRESSION!

2 thoughts on “Hopelessness”

  1. I agree with you on some things.

    I don’t find that reading success stories makes one feel any better because when we are depressed we are always of the mindset “Well that was them. That would never happen to me. I’m far too unlucky.”

    If anything, success stories can make us feel worse.

    But, the success stories of the bible are different. Yes, I believe in God and yes I believe he cares and yes I believe he’s your only answer.

    But before you roll your eyes and switch me off, I am just wanting to assure you that this is not a bible-bashing, God thumping reply.

    I’m just saying that the people in the bible were just like you… and me…
    struggled with insecurity, fears, doubts and unbeliefs…and they were far from perfect:
    murderers, adulterers, blasphemers, swindlers, thieves, liars, arrogant, timid and disbelieving people all who became something when they admitted they were nothing, had nothing, could do nothing.

    So you’re in a great place! God invites you to come as you are and scream at him to prove he exists, cares and can help.

    God actually prefers to work with those who are broken, terrified and helpless because they soon find out that in him, they can become who he created them to be.

    That doesn’t mean all your problems disappear. Nor does it mean you will feel wonderful all the time.

    But in the crap, he’ll be there with you, whispering encouragement to you, comforting you and strengthening you.

    You don’t have to be a sprinter to be part of his race. You don’t even need to run.

    Just be yourself and crawl along, and as you do, you will feel the assurance that you were not made wrong. Your mind is fine and God allowed you to be shy for a purpose. Some shyness will fade as you begin to see yourself through his eyes, other bits will remain but you will learn to rest in the knowledge that if he sees you as perfect, then stuff who else thinks you’re not.

    And the amazing thing is the One who put the millions of stars into space and millions of cells into your body, gets down on his knees and crawls with you.

    Extreme shyness feels dreadful I know, but it can also be a good thing because even the most confident, self-assured human needs to acknowledge that without God, we are nothing. That’s harder for them so they never really get close to him. Social ineptness is crippling so I’m
    not making light of your affliction. My daughter battles APD every day and I have learnt there is no sudden cure.

    But in our weakness, we can feel his presence if we ask him to rid ourselves of all that bitterness.

    You have a right to be angry at all the insenitive strangers dishing out advice. They are not you. They don’t know how you feel. They probably never will. But the One who created you knows you more intimately than anyone ever will.

    Ask God to reveal himself to you and to prove he exists.

    You’ve got nothing to lose.


  2. Thanks for your reply.

    I have felt like there is something else many times and yet nothing really got better so I lost hope again. I have asked God and Jesus to for some hope or sign and often nothing happened. I dont know if I believe in God or just some kind of spirituality. For instance I know many people who have seen ghosts and experienced what we would call supernatural events and yet that does not prove God exists, only something we have no comprehension of as yet. May I ask if you believe in all of the bible including all the old testament as I find this totally different to the message of Jesus as the old testament is full of hypocrisy, fear and contradictions.I also believe in evolution and science so dont know how compatible that is with God as in the bible. I want to believe. If believing on God helps me to live better than science it ultimately does not matter I suppose.

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