Would you like to stop feeling lonely for good?

If you could have surgery to cut away the part of your brain which causes loneliness, would you want to get it done?

This was a question on the anxiety forum recently. For me yes, I think I would. Rather than give me motivation to go out and do things all the feelings of being alone have done is make me feel overwhelming sadness, ineptitude and disliked. I would love to enjoy doing things alone and not care at all for being with other people. I would also like to be asexual and not crave physical contact or more when its almost impossible. In my last years at work and finally being with a group of people I felt comfortable with it made me much more content. When that was taken away through no fault of my own in being made redundant then everything started to get worse again and I fell apart.

The only way I can get any contact with other humans on a day to day level is via the internet and as I have said before this has almost overwhelmingly been a complete disaster and I almost never make any connections or online friendships and have frequent arguments or people making me feel much worse. I have never learnt anything other than to become even more avoidant and give up or I have to try and not be myself as I appear to have nothing in common with the vast majority of other people. Mind you most of them on the social anxiety forums tend to be students with an exceptionally left wing view of the world and intolerant to any other opinion.


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