Not all people are judgemental wankers, just quite a lot of them(probably).

When feeling down its hard to even reply to any blog, comment or indeed anything online as words dont seem to come into my brain and also dont make much sense. I feel like this most mornings even without a sleeping tablet or hangover so have tried to ban myself from using the internet until later in the day. However it dawned on me that it must be like this full time for people with more serious mentalness like major depression and anxiety so of course this is why its so much harder to get help of any kind. If you add social ineptitude into the mix you have the perfect storm for failure.

My obsession with TV dating shows on the basis of studying what those normals do and how they behave and also how the biggest twats I have ever known all got into relationships whereas I didn’t has led me to watching Channel 4’s Undateables from series 1 online. As mentioned in previous post its about people with mental and physical disabilities trying to find someone to love and often go on their very first date. Many of the people are absolutely lovely and you really feel for them and want them to find happiness.I dont think the show is exploitative at all as it genuinely seems to try and help and sympathise with them. I think it has also helped me in realising that not all people are so judgemental. Quite a few people are happy to date others with physical and mental health problems. When I go on walks on crowded city streets I am now far more conscious that many people are almost certainly nice and probably have huge problems of their own. This is better than seeing all humans as the enemy. I feel paranoid often but God knows how I would cope with Tourettes and shouting obscenities uncontrollably in front of people. They must be so brave to face their fears. I would probably never leave the house again.


Author: klodo

I am male,English and have had social anxiety since I started school at 5 years of age. I like photography, walking, wildlife, history and moaning.........CONSTANTLY! Oh you must stop being so negative! Shut up! NOW WITH ADDED DEPRESSION!

One thought on “Not all people are judgemental wankers, just quite a lot of them(probably).”

  1. I feel that these are the small shifts that are the most important. For me at least, slowly realising that i was living too much in my own distorted reality to see things as they are. At my current job, i had thought everyone hated me, but i see how understanding many of them really are. They know i act all avoidant and socially awkward so some of them will try to make things easier by initiating conversations and including me in their plans. I tried to be nice to them despite my anxiety screaming that they all hate me so i should react negatively towards them as usual, and in time i genuinely see them for the kind people that they are. Much of the hatred was perceived, since as long as i don’t personally offend anyone, they tend to shrug off my weirdness very quickly. My technique is just to treat them as how i hope they would treat me, then repeat that over and over no matter how hard it is until it works. But that’s my own method, just sharing it in case it may help someone somehow!

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