Delusional Positivity

She is a registered therapist on you-tube. I disagree with almost everything she says. She makes me feel much worse. All her advice is based on a delusional fantasy. I dont trust myself. I have failed over and over again for over 40 years, I have not overcome challenging things so I still dont trust myself. The chances are you have overcome things? You are dealing with people suffering chronic anxiety and depression and just assume they have overcome massive challenges so suddenly have confidence. This is shit therapy to me and doesn’t help at all. Its like asking a wimpy man to imagine he’s Arnold Schwarzenegger.

All I want you to do is next time is answer the what if question. Well Kristina usually when I fail and humiliate myself I get pissed drunk and punch myself in the head, take sleeping tablets and want to commit suicide. The worst thing that could happen is I will be sleeping on the streets if I dont get a job so no dont take comfort. You are guessing that I have dealt with failure. No kidding I am long time unemployed 45+ virgin who never speaks to another person for days or weeks! So you guessing that I have figured out how to handle failure, I have handled it by complete avoidance.I dont know how to move forward, I dont know how to move on I dont know what to do so I have no confidence. I have not moved forward so I have absolutely no trust in myself whatsoever. Yet she has 199 thumbs up and only 3 thumbs down including me now so I guess people love to hear this motivational stuff or in reality virtually non of them are suicidal or over the age of 40 after life long failure.

This is why I struggle looking for help online or dealing with people offering help and then getting angry when I am still negative or dare to answer back. Its because to me its all completely shit advice and not in any way relating to my life whatsoever or my experiences. Again believing in God or delusional positivity, what’s the F**king difference?


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