O Come All Ye Faithful

I managed to force myself to go to Lincoln Cathedral yesterday despite the two hour train journey. Its the first place I experienced some kind of spiritual feeling over 20 years ago so it felt appropriate I returned one last time. I sat in a private chapel and prayed to God to help me to get over this or to please kill me as quickly as possible. I wiped my tears in the form of  cross on the wooden furniture, lit a candle and left.

Lincoln cathedral is truly one of the great buildings of England if not the earth. The three towers once had spires making it the tallest building on the planet for 249 years. Nearly one thousand years old its incredible to imagine the number of people who have entered here and the events on earth that have taken place during this time.



Author: klodo

I am male,English and have had social anxiety since I started school at 5 years of age. I like photography, walking, wildlife, history and moaning.........CONSTANTLY! Oh you must stop being so negative! Shut up! NOW WITH ADDED DEPRESSION!

5 thoughts on “O Come All Ye Faithful”

  1. Yes, especially when they were built hundreds of years ago when all other building were so small. I can see why some people got so angry when all this money went on buildings rather than the poor though.

    1. Happy New Year!OK, thanks, I spent the week before Christmas at Friends house. What about you? Have you been out anywhere to celebrate?

      1. I spent the Christmas weekend with my immediate family and it was a quiet celebration! I went cycling after a long while of not doing so and it was really fun. Gonna catch up on your post about the trip to your friend’s place now! 🙂

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