Unfortunately, studies show that exposure alone fails to fully treat social phobia. Exposing oneself to a feared situation is bloody hard. Many patients either fail to engage with or drop out of exposure therapy. According to Veale (2003), only 50% of those completing the full course of exposure therapy will be successfully treated, with those suffering from depressed mood, avoidant personality type or an “intolerance of (strong) emotions” more likely to fail.

I found this on another site. I pretty much agree and think its obvious. One poster on the anxiety forum completed a course of CBT and went back to the doctor as they were still not much better and said he basically through the leaflet on CBT back at her and said there wasn’t anything else. Its strange why so many people seem to think doctors are so great and there is loads of help out there when evidence from so many people on social anxiety forums suggests that not only do many doctors still not take social anxiety seriously but treat patients with near contempt or annoyance if they go back for help.

Of course CBT for social anxiety is pointless if you are depressed as it demands enthusiasm and positivity. To even make small talk with a cashier requires smiling or a pleasant demeanour and when nervous or irritable this is simply not going to happen or gets a poor response which only increases negativity. The past two weeks have been hell again and my irritability has sky rocketed. Even forcing myself to go on walks or do other things did not improve my mood in the slightest and made the whole thing depressing. On the way home on Saturday afternoon from yet another boring walk I just sat at the bus stop and wanted to lie down and die. Life is just a series of random events and coincidences and has no point.


2 thoughts on “Survival

  1. Sharon Alison Butt March 6, 2017 / 4:48 pm

    Yes you are right. Life is exactly like that and has no meaning at all…unless you’ve got Jesus. I don’t know how anyone can so much as breathe without him. A crutch? Yes. Brainwashed? Yup. But everyone’s brainwashed by something and I’d rather be brainwashed by the truth which gives me peace through the awful circumstances of life than to kill myself and end up in an eternal hell that makes living on Earth look like Paradise.

    I really do hope you reach out to him before it’s too late. Heaven is more than worth the trauma you are going through in this aparent worthless existence. xx

  2. klodo March 6, 2017 / 7:34 pm

    If the Christian God sends desperate people who kill themselves to eternal hell then he’s not good enough for me. In fact he’s quite vindictive, cruel and selfish if you have to force people to obey you through fear and yet pretend to be kind and loving.I used to pray to Jesus but he always ignored me. Perhaps I should try all the religions and see which one is best for me instead of being forced into this one through birth. I quite like Buddhism.

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