Social Mishap Therapy? WTF?


Hofmann: The definition of a mental disorder is that it causes either significant distress, and/or significant interference in one’s life. So you might be able to perform normally during daily life, but you’re terribly distressed around these social situations, such as meeting people, giving speeches, or doing things in front of people. It causes you such a level of distress that causes you to want to get help.

Well at least I know I am mental then, over 45 and never had a relationship, a virgin, quit college after 2 days, worked in a menial job for 20 years and never progressed, after being made redundant have not worked again in many, many years, have no daily contact with any other humans and virtually never socialises, is suicidally depressed etc,

Hofmann: Initially, we use speaking in front of the rest of the group. In the seventh or eighth session, we go on to do more individualized exposure treatments, constructing something that we would call a “social mishap” exercise. We expose them to their worst-case scenario. For example, if someone is not engaging in any dating behaviours because they are concerned about being rejected, we would ask them to go to a restaurant and ask every woman at the table for her number. And obviously, he would get rejected a lot, and that’s the purpose of it.We script it very clearly. We say, you’re going to go in there now, and say the following: : “Hi, I like your face. Would you like to go out with me? Would you like to give me your number?” And she would obviously say, “No, go away, you freak,” or something, and that would be desirable. That would be perfect.

This is almost hilarious its so insane.Perfect? because the more humiliating it is the better? If you want humiliation then why not walk up and down the street all day in your underpants while making animal noises? Would that cure you of shyness or would they put you in an asylum? You see that’s why I dont go for help. I would need a gun put at my head to force me to go through that and would probably choose death instead. And you never get used to graded exposure therapy as they keep adding more and more. It also takes in no account for depression, paranoia and other mental behaviour.In fact from what I can tell after reading much online literature on CBT there are so many differing methods and variations the treatment appears to still be in its infancy and will no doubt one day be laughed at as primitive.

No normal man would go asking every woman in a restaurant to go out with them so asking the world shyest men(who probably stammer, blush and act awkward)is insane to me. Are shy people so scared of authority figures that if the therapist told then to cut their own testicles off with a rusty knife they would do it? I know its their 8th session but if it makes you feel that nervous that death is a viable alternative then the therapy does not work. Mind you I am much older than most people with SA and also more depressed and more pessimistic. Perhaps having a penis that didn’t work until I was 27 had something to do with it, I dont know any more. The point is looking for help online and finding out that all therapy for CBT is based on making a big twat of yourself again and again and again until you dont give a F**k any-more has put me off seeking therapy(even if I could get any on the NHS and after a 6 month wait if you are lucky) and that death is actually a much more sensible and logical solution. However any failure is seen as more avoidance and thus they are always validated.


Author: klodo

I am male,English and have had social anxiety since I started school at 5 years of age. I like photography, walking, wildlife, history and moaning.........CONSTANTLY! Oh you must stop being so negative! Shut up! NOW WITH ADDED DEPRESSION!

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