How Do I Get Over My Fear of Social Situations?

8.Invite a friend to do something. Make plans with someone to do something like see a movie or take your dogs for a walk together.

I remember phoning someone I knew at work to go do something like play pool/snooker as I thought they were a sort of friend since he had already been to my house before to play computer games and yet the reaction I got was sort of like as if I had asked him to suck my cock. He was almost shocked that I had phoned him and since this humiliated me so much I never ever did it again. Result: doing something that the self help forums recommend and asking “what is the worst that can can happen?” had a much more negative effect on me. Conclusion shy awkward people are considered strange and freakish so find it much harder to get a positive response even when they DO take the initiative.  In effect nobody wants to know you as you are already considered strange so you never get better.. Also being cripplingly shy I did not have any friends for long periods and often went years without going out anywhere in the evenings. Even self help forums for chronic shyness still assume you just MUST have some friends to do things with. Of course it would have been even worse with trying to ask a girl on date.  Again the conclusion I get is that most self help guides have no understanding of crippling anxiety at all. Making excuses my F**KING arse!


2 thoughts on “How Do I Get Over My Fear of Social Situations?

  1. inamessyworld April 18, 2017 / 1:33 am

    I have crippling social anxiety and not exaggerating when I say I have 0 friends. I asked out a couple to hang out, just to sort gain confidence, but they all thought I was strange anyway, and made excuses. So I end up always being stuck on my own with anxiety, even when I’m trying. Glad you understand! And thanks for the posts. X

  2. klodo April 18, 2017 / 12:24 pm

    I’m sorry things are that bad for you.Yes, I think lots of advice for anxiety completely ignores how judgemental other so called normal people are. Some things worked a bit but lots of things I did were completely disastrous and made my anxiety worse.

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