“What Went Well” exercise.

Studies have shown this to be effective in reducing feelings of depression.

1. Before you go to bed set aside a few minutes to write down three things that went well for you that day. The items don’t need to be earth shattering in importance. They could be about anything, not just your social goals. All kinds of bad things could have happened to you that day, but the exercise isn’t interested in them. Some examples:

  • Went on a bike ride and explored some new trails.
  • Saw an interesting new movie with my friends.
  • Did well on my Calculus exam, despite being nervous about it.
  • Had a nice chat with my mum on the phone.
  • Had a nice fun date night with my husband.
  • I asked Stephanie out on a date. She said no, but at least I tried.
  • Got a big chunk of that project at work out of the way.

So I am trying to improve my mood and motivation and I came across this. What? Are you f**king serious? This helps with depression for people with extreme social anxiety? I don’t have a bike and there are no trails or walks around me. I dont have friends to go see a movie with. Not at school, uni or work so never see another human. My mums dead and dont speak with family, No partner or spouse. I dont ask people out on dates, I have extreme anxiety and dont know any people and that would be at the top of my fear hierarchy list, not an everyday event.

The examples all assume you have friends, family and partners and your social anxiety is mild. It must be if you are asking Steph out on a date.They all assume you go out doing stuff every day. Lots of people with depression never leave the F**KING house except for shopping and know no one else. Most of their day is boring and depressing and mind numbing shit. I cant think of three things I have done in the last month that I enjoyed, you f**king, f**king arsehole. Even going on walks has made me worse.

I know I am being negative. (or truthful). Thats because I am depressed. The above advise is supposed to help with depression and yet assumes you know lots of people and go out doing exciting stuff on a daily basis. Its doesn’t help as its all a delusional fantasy. You cant bully optimism into people. I want hope and help to carry on. The problem is I cant find any. Its not relevant to me in any way, shape or form.

I cleaned the toilet today. Cooked some food, shopped at the supermarket, spoke to no one. Even sitting in the garden was spoilt when the neighbours from hell decided they have decided to start growing vegetables near to me and at exactly the same time I usually go to sit in the corner and listen to music. NOTHING WENT WELL TODAY YOU STUPID BASTARD! I STILL FEEL DEPRESSED!



2 thoughts on ““What Went Well” exercise.

  1. Ben May 23, 2017 / 11:13 pm

    Sometimes even free writing can be helpful. Just spend a couple of minutes writing down anything that comes into your head without censoring anything.

    It does not have to make any sense but it will help to get your thoughts out. Do it for a couple of days and then read them back out loud.

    With depression we can do a lot of inner silent talk. This helps break that cycle.

  2. klodo May 24, 2017 / 12:06 pm

    Actually that’s what I mostly do on this blog.I dont know. I often read them back but it never breaks any cycle or changes my attitude or thoughts.If anything it seems to make me sink lower as I cant disagree with anything and it just confirms to me that all my thoughts and fears are true.

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