Is CBT a scam?

‘Extensive evidence’ shows that two years on, depressed or anxious people who had CBT were no more likely to have recovered than those who had no treatment, said Oliver James, chartered psychologist.

After 5 to 20 sessions those with anxiety or depression appear to recover, 2 years later they are no different to those who had no treatment, he said. ‘As a treatment, rafts of studies have shown it to be ineffective in delivering long-term therapeutic benefits to patients with anxiety and depression.

So I am still trying to convince myself if going to the doctor would actually be a good idea. After all will it really help me find a job when I have so many other problems?  Putting yourself through up to 20(much less on the NHS) weeks of intensive exposure with resulting stress and then when you are on your own again it all goes out the window is not great to hear. I just read someone had to wait 18 months for CBT for depression on the NHS so it can take ages to even get started.

In the short-term, 40 per cent of those who complete a course of CBT, typically five to 20 sessions of up to an hour, are said to have recovered. CBT appeals to politicians and NICE because it is quick and cheap

Only 40%. I thought it was 75%.  Less than half is an appalling success rate. But dont forget some people say “There is loads of help out there, dont suffer alone!” There isn’t. Its a lie and in reality a tremendous struggle to even get the right help or find anyone. Time to start praying to God again.

Author: klodo

I am male,English and have had social anxiety since I started school at 5 years of age. I like photography, walking, wildlife, history and moaning.........CONSTANTLY! Oh you must stop being so negative! Shut up! NOW WITH ADDED DEPRESSION!

11 thoughts on “Is CBT a scam?”

  1. It’s not surprising really though. To ask yourself what you’re thinking, grit your teeth, awkwardly facing our fears, as if it were that straight forward. I’m replying to this topic because I think it’s quite…disgusting. I know I don’t want to go for any cbt again. I was shown and then became ‘my own therapist’ after I learned what I did. No. I’ve seen some other things in later years (that were there all the time…) that give real hope and inspiration to change.

  2. Its probably more the current trend than a deliberate scam. As I heard on TV this morning the medical profession used to think being gay was a mental illness. In years to come they will probably change their minds and think something else is better for anxiety. I think changing people’s core beliefs as CBT is suppose to do can be quite hard as many core beliefs are actually true. Many aspects of life are very depressing such as getting old and dying. Most people just chose to not think about them.

  3. It’s really difficult to change core beliefs isn’t it. I did a fair bit of work on it using CBT. I still try to write down any I am _____ beliefs etc, and try to get to the root causes. You could say I’ve learned a fair bit about it from books, video’s and articles. My problems came to the surface; I had a psychotic break in my teens and eventually went into hospital after I found out (12-13 years ago). After that, I realized that anxiety and SA had been playing a big part of it. There was a term for it! After this and beyond, I guess core beliefs are the really main cause.

    1. Yes, I can understand a lot of beliefs must be false. After all, look at all the ugly, stupid and even nasty people there are in the world and who seem to have success just because of greater confidence. However going though some of the books online I still cant get it out of my head that some beliefs are real. I think people do judge us and notice if we are strange. One therapist tells people to wears something flashy or even inside out as no one will notice. My experience from work is that most people notice and some even mention if you look different or strange so its not a false belief. Not caring what other people think would be far better.

  4. I don’t get why people actually need to mention things like…if we seem weird or whatever. It’s like people can’t show respect. I’d think other people would rather ask if we’re OK or something like that! It seems in our society that too many people don’t show manners etc? This kind if thing does fuel anger in me and I’m generally quite a polite and relaxed person I think. It’s just I feel like my real personality gets covered over by these settings and as though people see through me in the process, and I don’t get a chance. I cannot adjust in good time; self consciousness is ✋

  5. Yeah, I had so many little things at work where people pick on or mock when they were not even friends who might have got away with it. Even wearing different more trendy clothes got negative comments. The worst was when I did all the weight training thing at the gym as I had always been the fat kid at school and as I had a bigger chest several of them said I had tits and even that I was turning into a woman! Great confidence boost. I later realised that once they have an opinion of you nothing that you then do matters. Putting you down makes them feel better. I now think life is really like an episode of goggle-box. Even if people dont always say things to your face the majority of people always notice what you do and think things behind your back.

    1. Yes, Its like the not giving a F**K what other people think. I am not sure how you get to that from being paranoid and that people are laughing at you though. Its like form caring too much about others opinions to not caring at all. I dont believe that doing things that make us the centre of attention repeatedly like wearing your clothes inside out or not having the right money at a till is the cure. It sounds like it could make things worse for many.

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