Shit Advice for depression no 763


Socialization is important. Make a standing appointment to have a friend or family member pick you up to go out. This way you’re held accountable to someone else. If there are no friends or family members available, don’t use that as an excuse. Going to the bookstore and people-watching in the coffeeshop is preferable to sitting home alone. Who knows? You may make a new friend. That is certainly motivating.

Yes, chronically depressed people often make friends in a coffee shop because strangers love approaching a lone 40+ year old miserable looking man. Oh you mean its up to me to make the first move? That doesn’t happen. I am not Hugh Grant and real life is not a Rom-Com. See previous 400 posts on social anxiety and how shy awkward men come across as creepy losers which women hate(even though they pretend they dont as they are afraid of appearing as shallow as men who mostly go for looks, looks and looks).

Actually I did force myself to go for a 3 hour walk yesterday afternoon amongst the drizzle of a late May bank holiday afternoon. I even took some pictures of flowers(see above). Did I enjoy it?  The F**k did I. I did not talk with anyone as nobody ever speaks to me and I never speak to strangers just like the last 3000 walks I have been on. My fault for not making an effort? No, that’s what its like having social anxiety. You dont suddenly get confidence or gain witty banter because someone on the internet tells you to do more stuff.In the evening I got drunk again.


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