Old Fart!

Never too late for multimillionaires!

When you are mad people often tell you its never too late to do certain things for instance like have a relationship. They assume certain things too. I did when I was younger. You see an elderly couple on one of those dating shows and assume they still both fancy each other because like attracts like. It may seem callous cruel or ignorant or it could be just all men and how we evolved but when I got older, into my forties, I did not suddenly start getting exceptionally aroused by women my own age and then thinking younger women were ugly.  Everyone gets uglier with age.  Most people reach a peak in our twenties and early thirties and gradually diminish over time just like sportsmen/women. Of course there are still some attractive people in their forties and even fifties but not as many.

I say this as I saw a you tube video from a popular youngish female blogger who seemed astounded that men over 50 were watching her channel. She was actually talking about anxiety on one video which is how I came across her.(who isn’t these days?) She even made some kind of comment as if they were, well perverts at that age. But actually if you think they were only watching to get aroused then younger men are far more likely to be turned on or attracted to you and tossing off as they are far more randy but what? That doesn’t bother you?  You assume males are only watching you for sexual pleasure? What about older women or lesbians?

I think she said she was 26, hardly a child. In fact about 100 years ago she would probably have been married 10 years  and have 3 kids by then. Yes, you are probably attractive to many straight men. men in their forties and fifties still get attracted by younger women as younger women are usually sexier.  Its not perverted, its perfectly natural. Why do you think almost all female news and weather presenters are picked to be as attractive as possible? It gets more views. The most popular female vloggers just happen to be attractive most of the time. Lots of older men still like younger women, they just know they can’t get one.(unless they’re rich!)

Age is also relevant to social anxiety too. For instance the moronic advice of just approach and then make conversation with all women you find attractive that I read online is a bit stupid if you are in your forties as many younger women will understandably think you an old pervert and tell you to F**k off. Yet younger women are usually the most attractive of course and men evolved to go for looks far more than women. Yes its evolution again. What? They just assume you know to only speak to women the same age even if you are socially inept? I read that most people form relationships with others within 5 years of themselves, over 10 years is unusual. I am a lot uglier now than I was in my youth just as women my age probably are too. Its not cruel, that’s life. Therefore the chances of me even finding a female who is available and I find attractive around my age is much less even ignoring my own massive amounts of faults that would be a huge turn off to the vast majority of all normal women. So it probably is too late. you lying bas***d!!!!!!



Author: klodo

I am male,English and have had social anxiety since I started school at 5 years of age. I like photography, walking, wildlife, history and moaning.........CONSTANTLY! Oh you must stop being so negative! Shut up!

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