Ghost Stories


I have always believed in the supernatural. I was brought up on ghost stories as my mums childhood house was supposedly haunted. She lived there for about 9 years with my grandmother and 7 brothers and sisters. It was during the 2nd world war so she was frequently having to go to the local shelters as the Luftwaffe flew over at night, in fact its the same school I went to many year later. My grandfather was a drunk who stole money and once threw a plate at my grandmother and knocked her front teeth out as she would not give him more money for yet more drink and then was thrown out the house my my oldest uncle and I still don’t even know when or where he died.  As a result they lived in poverty and my grandmother had to take in neighbours washing to survive and even spent some brief time in a workhouse. So it was a stressful time to live anyway.

cemetery (4)

They lived a big old fashioned English style terraced house with an attic built in the late 1800’s. There are many tails. Often my mum said it was like someone whispering in your ears as if still trying to communicate with you, she even talked about them or it trying to get into bed with them. There were footsteps upstairs and on the stairs with no one else in the house. The cats and dog would always notice them first and start to get agitated. It could be the imagination of children living in a stressful time.  Yet she vividly remembered the old fashioned tin washing tub ratting around the kitchen on its own and banging against the wall. Once when telling her school-friend sitting in a rocking chair about the ghosts her friend began to laugh and ridicule her and suddenly the chair apparently swing round on its own and her friend ran off screaming. One of the men delivering coal which was normal at the time saw someone or something odd looking open and close the back door which when they checked, it was locked a no one was there.

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There were lots of odd little things but perhaps the most particular aspect of the haunting was that of a horse, inside the house. When my grandmother used to clean out the old fireplace it supposedly made a whinnying sound. My auntie who was sleeping downstairs I think said it was next to her bed and she smelt, heard  and even felt its fur. One day they had to have the mother of their lodger stay with them.(lodgers were common at the time due to lack of housing) With absolutely no knowledge of the haunting or horse she got up the next morning and said “You may think I am mad but I could swear there was a horse in my bedroom last night.”  There were lots of horses around when the houses were built and for much of the early part of the 20th century but why a ghost horse should be in the house in a mystery. Maybe it was killed in a bad way or was still trying to find its owner.

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It all could be imagination, science tells us this and yet as I mentioned in a previous post when trying to contact my father after his death a cup turned around on the kitchen table on its own and then a book fell down in my bedroom when I asked if it was him. I knew many other people who had seen strange things happen both my family, friends and people from work that I don’t believe its imagination anymore. Perhaps our spirits or souls really do leave our body after death to continue to exist somewhere, maybe even come back again.

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6 thoughts on “Ghost Stories

  1. Forestwood November 1, 2019 / 7:47 am

    It would be lovely to think that we do come back, but then could it be that it is spirits that have become lost and can’t go forward for some reason.
    You mentioned the book falling when you mentioned whether it was him. I had a similar incident with a photo of my dear departed dog falling off the wall twice on the dog’s birthday. It had never fallen off the wall before nor after……
    Then there is the similarity fo footsteps in your grandmother’s house, just like my experience in my old rental house years ago. In my place, the fridge moved, in your grandmother’s it was the washing tub. The creepiest account you mention is the rocking chair moving when the child scoffed. That gave me the shivers! I would not malign a spirit. Thanks for the inspiration of the post. Since I wrote mine, I have thought of more incidents, that have happened to friends or me. I guess some are coincidence, but really what is significant is how we feel or react to them.

    • klodo November 14, 2019 / 4:28 pm

      I have known quite a few people who have seen things which seem impossible. Even my sister who worked in a small shop once . Her boss unfortunately died and from then on lights turned on and off and doors closes on their own as if he was still there. I do find it interesting that many long term ghosts that supposedly died in bad circumstances like murder or suicide then seem to be stuck and unable to move on. I am not sure I would like to be forced to come back over and over again though.

      • Forestwood November 14, 2019 / 10:13 pm

        Did you see Annika’s comment on my Haunted house Halloween post? It sends chills up my spine and appears to corroborate your suggestion of the unsettled spirits.

      • klodo November 16, 2019 / 5:34 pm

        Yes, i did. In fact a few months ago I had a dream where I came down the stairs of this house and there was a family in my front room and I did not know who they were and then the children screamed! I then realised I was the ghost! This freaked me out and I hope its not a premonition of the future!

      • Forestwood November 18, 2019 / 10:26 am

        I am sure you won’t be a ghost, it is just your mind rehearsing that possibility.
        And the fact that it was just Halloween. All these ghost stories don’t help the subconscious mind, too!!

      • klodo November 20, 2019 / 7:50 pm

        I hope not although the dream was months ago.

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