Humiliation Guaranteed

After several days of waking up early I relented and took a sleeping tablet again. It worked as I did not get up until 10.30 but of course it made me feel groggy all day. I wonder if they also affect my moods as I have quite an overwhelming urge to self harm again although that could be as I was looking at self help sites on social anxiety and they always make me far more depressed as they never ever offer any hope or way out without a long painful struggle with humiliation guaranteed. YOU MUST DO THE HARD WORK OR YOU ARE A COWARDLY CISSY WHO DESERVES TO SUFFER!  I could do hard work after 20 years in the same manual job easily. However hard work is not acting shy and being ridiculed endlessly in the hope of getting used to it. Did people who were beaten ever get used to it?

I come across things all the while. Like the advice of making conversation with a co worker on Monday and telling them about what you did at the weekend.  I spent virtually every weekend for 20 years watching TV and maybe later doing some gardening. I never did anything or went anywhere as very shy people dont have any friends or do anything. There’s lots of advice like this and even though you have social anxiety and its so bad you have gone for therapy still assumes you have friends and go out and do things like normals all the time.Makes me think again if therapy is really for people with moderate shyness and anxiety and that they still have no idea of what very shy is really like.

However I really want to find out how they treat social anxiety and depression combined which I think is quite common. If they make no account for a depressed state of mind although I have no motivation and still expect you to do normal CBT exposures for social anxiety then I think they really have no idea and no one has even bothered to do any research into it yet. Considering some British doctors have not even heard of social anxiety and have to look it up on Wikipedia then nothing would surprise me.


Getting weaker

And the tears roll down my swollen cheek – think I’m losing it – getting weaker

We will walk – on the land
We will breathe – of the air
We will drink – from the stream
WE WILL LIVE – hold the line

San Jacinto – Peter Gabriel


I remember my mother once saying she cleaned all her underwear ready for her death when they came to collect her body as she did not want to look dirty. This was not in old age but in her 30’s while having one of her spells of anxiety attacks. She lived for over 40 more years but it shows how some people think when in gets into this frame of mind.  I know understand it totally as this is the way I have started to think. I feel like I am at the end of my life and death is just a whisper away. People and even so called experts will try to tell you that it is paranoia or a huge overreaction due to not thinking properly. For me it seems like a sensible choice. Rather than being the cowardly way out its only because I am so scared of death that I have not done it already. I don’t have a normal life at all. Forget being a 47 year old virgin with virtually no contact with the outside world. Forget being long term unemployed after my redundancy and a day to day drudgery which makes me depressed the moment I wake up. You see I now expect to be a homeless person and quite frankly I’d much rather be dead.

Getting a job which I can do with not only my mental health problems but also after my history is looking so hard as to be almost impossible. Getting any worthwhile help from the NHS which is not only on the verge of collapse but run by a tough love style Conservative government who want to not only stop all benefits but also treat mentally ill people in the same way as work-shy benefit scroungers. All these things are not only insurmountably hard but require a go getting positive attitude and personality where I feel exhausted, spent and quite frankly hopeless. I think lots of people who commit suicide are not mad at all. They have probably come to the same conclusion as me that a future of almost daily stress, unhappiness and struggle is worse than non existence. Life is not a gift at all if all pleasure has been removed, if the chance of happiness is smaller than winning the lottery.