New Year’s Eve

I have never been out on or celebrated New Year’s Eve. Sometimes I am almost tempted to venture into the city centre but I doubt I would see anything apart from some drunken people and being alone is always unnerving at that time. I have for the last few years collected 100 pictures of the year which I put together for an album on flickr. It’s not been a great year again but I always like to look back as many of my my photos make me feel better. Photography has been a big part of my life in recent years and has been a  reason to force myself to go out and about when my mind wanted to hide away even if the weather(and poor forecasting!)has driven me insane( What? Even more?) sometimes.


My thanks to anyone who has commentated, followed or viewed my blog in the last year.I wish I could have been more supportive to others but many times I have been struggling to cope with my own life. However it is a comfort to communicate with other people, many of whom had been through the same things or had it much worse and I am truly thankful. Whoever you are and especially if you are alone or have had SA for a long time I hope you have a good new year.